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  • 1) Reinforced Earth Walls : Reinforced Earth Walls is a System with the combination of Earth, Linear reinforcing strips ( Tree branches, Bamboos, Rots of vegetation in ancient times, aluminum, steel strips, Geosynthetics in modern times ) that are the capable of bearing large tensile stresses and Precast Concrete Panels, Precast Concrete Segmental Blocks, Wrap around with Geosynthetics, Hexagoal shaped wiremesh gabions as a facia elements.

  • 2) Coastal Protection : It Measures aimed at protecting the coast against coastline retreat, thus protecting housing, infrastructure, the coast and the hinterland from erosion often at the expense of losing the beach and the dynamic coastal landscape. Coastal protection often consists of hard structures such as revetments or groynes.

  • 3) Soil Stabilization : In soil stabilization applications, Biaxial Polypropylene Geogrids are commonly used to improve the performance of weak subgrades. By distributing dynamic loads over a wider area, pumping and shear failures are minimized, resulting in increased load bearing capacity of the subgrade.
  • 4) Land fills : Composite liners are used in municipal solid waste (MSW) landfills to reduce water pollution. A composite liner is made of a geomembrane alongwith a geosynthetic clay liner. Composite-liner systems are better at reducing leachate migration into the subsoil than either a clay liner or a single geomembrane layer.

  • 5) River Protection works : If you need river bank and flood protection, to prevent you land eroding away, gabions are a low cost method of flood protection. Building a flood control wall with gabions keeps the erosion protection systems cost down When your gabion walls are being used as erosion control, a civil engineer experienced in flood control and erosion prevention, should be consulted. Gabions are a proven method of halting river bank erosion, for both large rivers and small streams that are prone to flooding

  • 6) Rock fall netting : Rockfall protection systems are a key element in the design and maintenance of infrastructure networks with a direct impact on safety. A key distinction must be made between active and passive protection systems. Passive systems are such that do not affect rock detachment process, focusing rather on containing falling debris, thereby minimizing risks to the infrastructure and its users. Passive systems include:
    • Heavy galvanized steel wire mesh.
    • Rockfall protection barriers.
    • Rockfall protection embankments.
    Active systems act on the rock detachment process. Double twisted steel wire mesh consists of different kinds of metal wire and cables and is anchored to the rock slope. The planning, construction and maintenance of these structures must also take into account their durability.

  • 7) Erosion Control : Coir Rolled Erosion Control Products are some of the strongest and longest lasting erosion control products on the market today. Also known asErosion Control Blankets, coir mats are designed to increase soil stabilization, decrease the effects of erosion, and allow vegetation to effectively take root. Coir mats are made from a natural and 100% biodegradable coconut fiber. Coir erosion control mats are the perfect option for environmentally sensitive areas, steep slopes, or climates where shade or cold temperatures increase seed germination time.